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Jacketing / Doweling In RCC

Jacketing / Doweling In RCC

To make up / cover the loss of strength in RCC structures due to damages including fire, degeneration and aging, additional rebars can be installed using Injection technique epoxy & mortars. HSA has successfully introduced a new brand specializing in chemical and mechanical anchoring by the name of SIMPSON Strong tie anchor system (USA).

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Rebar jacketing or Rebar Doweling is possible with Injection Technique Epoxy without chipping and exposing of old rebars and welding. Simply by drilling into old concrete and injecting Simpson epoxy, additional strength, extended structure life and similar load capability as post installed bars is achieved. This is unique when extension from old structures are to be done like raising a Floor above roof level, extending a beam from Column or raising a Column from ground level / foundation etc.

Any high quality concrete fastenings such as strengthening of Columns/ Beams, Road signs, Railings, Hand rails, Concrete reinforcement, Reinforcement bar connections, Pumps/heavy generators or compressors installation etc. can be performed by our professional team, using Simpson Anchors

Although it is our primary aim to apply “SIMPSON” Chemicals & anchors which are compatible in every standard to all major competition brands available, we can arrange / applicate all other competition brands professionally with perfection as per client’s requirements

We have applicated the product SIMPSON on several prestigious projects within Pakistan & have observed it’s results & performance beyond expectancy. Additionally it is also extremely aggressive / economical in price which creates double attraction for the Consultant / Specifier / Owner / Contractor.